Back in action today after a much needed break! If you haven’t heard the news, YOURvoice won 2932 votes in the 2014 European Elections. Obviously this is a drop in the ocean compared to the 187859 votes that secured the 10th and final seat in the South East region but it is a better start than the result might at first appearance suggest.

In effect the YOURvoice campaign only began once nomination papers had been accepted by the Southampton Regional Returning Officer 4 weeks before the election. According to our data, a large proportion of those who visited the website went on to vote for YOURvoice. The seeds of Direct Democracy have been sown. Where the message was heard the reaction has been extremely positive. The vote by constituents across the South East has justified the existence of YOURvoice and demonstrated that there is a desire to develop the model.

So now we need to look to the future. A consultation process will be launching within the next few weeks to examine how the current model should be adapted to suit local and national government. If you would like to be part of that process then please submit your name and email address at