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    • Bill Noble
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      In discussing with my friends the pros and cons of an offering like YOURvoice there are many many concerns raised. Over time YOURvoice will need to have an answer to these concerns. I suspect that these answers will initially involve a lot of internal debate as to exactly what YOURvoice is and what it is offering. In the mean time I think it would be useful if YOURvoice recorded a list of all of the questions they get asked so that they can develop an answer to all of them and so that they can be sure they have addressed as many of the issues as possible. This list would then form the skeleton of a FAQ sheet.

      I would be happy to maintain a list of questions if people would like to add to this thread any new questions they come upon.

      Questions I have been asked to date include:

      1. How can an online voting system be made secure – we all know how unreliable and hackable computers are?

      2. How do you protect the anonymity of voters so they can’t be pressured to vote a particular way?

      3. How can you prevent vote buying?

      4. What if I don’t want to be involved in all of the decisions?

      5. Won’t you be ruled by the vocal minority?

      6. What about people who do not have access to or are not comfortable with computers/smartphones?

      7. Would you still run face to face constituency surgeries?

      8. If every MP was a YOURvoice MP who would be PM, who would run the departments, who would propose the policies and bills? Where would the ideas come from?

      9. How would emergency short notice decisions be made? E.g. in the case of a war.

      10. How does your voting system work?

    • Thomas Swan
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      Hi Bill, I just noticed that I’ve made a very similar post to yours. I see we’re thinking along the same lines. The biggest obstacle to D3 taking off is the cynics and skeptics who dwell on one of these questions, don’t see a solution, and vocally dismiss the idea. YOURvoice needs to give acceptable answers to these questions. I’ve tried to provide answers in an article I wrote recently, but it doesn’t cover all of your questions yet.

    • Julian James
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      Bill and Tom, are you happy for me to close this thread now so that the combined conversation can continue in the FAQs thread?

    • Bill Noble
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      Yes Julian, very happy to move over to the more appropriately named FAQ thread.

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