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    • Bill Noble
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      Does anyone know of an existing voting platform that could be used by YOURvoice to achieve its D3 aims?

      Platforms I am aware of are:

      These are all in various states of completion. The only one which, in my opinion, is anywhere near simple enough for ‘ordinary’ voters to be able to use is vtovote. This does not currently allow for vote delegation although the developers have said they might be persuaded to consider this. LiquidFeedback is actually being used by some political parties (the Pirate Parties in particular) and has excellent vote delegation facilities but is very complicated to use and does not really allow for anonymous voting. It does though have an API so could be tailored to our needs if we had a suitable programer to do the work. Bitcongress and PlaceAVote are not yet available and the developers are not responding to enquiries. I am trying to evaluate adhocracy but am finding it a little impenetrable which does not bode well 🙂

      Any suggestions?

    • Julian James
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      Pertinent questions:

      1. Will voters be able to delegate votes?
      2. Does voting have to be anonymous?
      3. Is it essential to be able to verify that a vote has been recorded correctly?

      The consensus amongst experts is that (2) and (3) are mutually exclusive. i.e. you cannot have both.

      The answers to these questions will help to determine which voting platforms are suitable.

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