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    • Bill Noble
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      I have just stumbled across:

      I was wondering if there is anything we can learn with respect to presentation and funding from this campaign? I don’t think their offering will make much of an impact on the reasons why people don’t vote but it is interesting that they have managed to get so many people to pledge financial support.

      Any views on this?

    • Julian James
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      Crowdfunding is very definitely at the top of my list of ideas for funding YOURvoice. It is possible to self host or go with the likes of I didn’t have time to do either in May but would see it as being central to future fundraising.

      As for Vote for Policies, I really like what they’re doing. Representative democracy would be much more representative if everyone were to vote based purely on policies. Obviously Vote for Policies is of no use for promoting YOURvoice (a party without policies) but at least they’re encouraging engagement which is key to the success of D3.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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