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    • Tim Jeffery
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      Hi all,

      I came across Your Voice in the Euro’s in May and thought it was a really interesting idea.

      Is it mainly just a south-east/London thing?

      I’m up in Sheffield. Is there a Your Voice North in existence and if not, does anyone want to start one?


    • Julian James
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      YOURvoice is a political concept that I dreamt up in isolation at the beginning of 2014. I immersed myself in the project from the middle of January until the election and exposed it to public scrutiny in late March having produced the animated explainer video, website and setup the party. Only then was I made aware that my idea for e-voting on legislatory proposals was actually known by others as Direct / Participatory Democracy.

      I have launched the consultation process to ensure that D3 moves beyond a localised effort to become an international movement to change the way we govern ourselves. I have posed the questions in this forum to catalyse discussion about the core problems that face D3. I would like everyone to have their say so that we can come to a consensus for the approach required for the general election campaign next year. Then we can look seriously at candidate selection and funding. I have my own ideas on how to deal with voter engagement in the D3 process but will hold those back for a few days as I am keen that others should push their own ideas without undue influence.

      I see no reason why Sheffield should not be given the opportunity to elect a YOURvoice candidate next year!

Viewing 1 reply thread
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