Tell me more about YOURvoice

All around us in every aspect of our daily lives, technology allows us to communicate and interact with one another, but politics seems to be stuck in the days of pen and paper. Why is it that we can vote online for our favourite couple on Strictly Come Dancing or our preferred contestant on The Voice, but for issues that really matter and make a difference to our lives, we trust an individual politician or political party to choose for us.

It’s not as though we’re ignorant of the arguments and unable to decide for ourselves. There are any number of programmes on television and radio; newspaper columns and magazine articles and of course the Internet, all feeding us with information about issues of governance and associated points of view. There’s just no structure in place to allow our voices to be heard. There’s currently no mechanism by which we can make a difference to the way in which we are governed from day to day. Perhaps then it’s no surprise that many people become disaffected and disengaged from the political process when they find that their opinion on individual issues appears to count for nothing. So when it comes to elections, if your vote doesn’t appear to make a difference providing you with an opportunity to instigate real change, then why bother to make the effort to cast it?

YOURvoice is a real alternative using the Internet to break down barriers between you and your elected representatives. The YOURvoice approach of Digital Direct Democracy (D3) provides constituents with a platform to express their own opinions and even suggest solutions. Then, by voting online you get to directly influence how YOURvoice represents you in a governing body.