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Electoral Reform – YOURvoice in Favour

Regardless of your preference for those chosen to govern the United Kingdom, it would be difficult to construct a convincing argument against the need for electoral reform following the result of the General Election in 2015. Significant swathes of the electorate are underrepresented in the new Parliament with those supporting UKIP being particularly hard hit: [...]

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Consultation LIVE

Now that the dust has settled it is time to move YOURvoice forward to the next phase, building on the initial success in our push to deliver Digital Direct Democracy (D3). The core aim remains the same: to provide the electorate with the opportunity to directly express their opinions via elected representation. Doubtless you will [...]

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2014 European Election Results

Back in action today after a much needed break! If you haven’t heard the news, YOURvoice won 2932 votes in the 2014 European Elections. Obviously this is a drop in the ocean compared to the 187859 votes that secured the 10th and final seat in the South East region but it is a better start [...]

By |2015-05-06T10:04:08+01:0028 May 2014|Campaign|

Thank You!

It has been an incredible journey from conception to European Election polling day in a little over 4 months. Many people have discovered Direct Democracy for the first time and have recognised that it will be an integral part of the future of our democracy. Thank you to all those that followed, shared, [...]

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QR Code for South East Euro Election Voters

In a UK first voters are being given ballot papers with a QR code. Those in the South East will get a ballot paper with a party emblem that can be read by a smartphone. The QR code with a website link has been incorporated into the emblem of the party YOURvoice which is [...]

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What is YOURvoice?

If you're keen to find out what YOURvoice is all about, this video will get you started. To extend your knowledge head to Tell me More.

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